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Both woods should work fine for your smoker. Here's a wood chart that describes both plum and walnut.

Looks like plum goes well with lighter fare like chicken or fish. Walnut may need to be mixed with other woods cause it can make things a little bitter if used alone. Certainly have your friend drop off that plum wood. Although two plum trees may last you a couple of centuries in a Cookshack. Smiler
Originally posted by Captian Fun:
Good evening,

Had a friend ask me if I wanted 2 plum trees for my smoker, I said I'd have to ask. Anyone try plum? Also another friend had someone drop off a load of walnut, has anyone smoked with this? Thank you in advance.

I have some plum but I haven't tried it other than to put some in the smoker, with no food in it, to sample the scent of the smoke. Seems pleasant and sweet.

I have some pear that I have seasoned and sampled in the same manor and find it unremarkable so I propbably won't use it for cooking.

Let us know how you like the plum.


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