Tried cooking a 7# Pork Butt at 255 degrees.  After 8 hours it was only 185..Was the pan the reason I could not get it to 200 degrees????

Only my second cook on a Fast Eddy. First cook ribs went well...



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My pork butts in the AQ typically take a little under 2 hours per pound at 225. If you cooked at 255, I suspect your butt was in the "stall" at 8 hours. Was the result at 8 hours tender (pullable, assuming you are shooting for 200 IT) and juicy, or still a little tough? If you'd let it go, I think it would have eventually resumed heating and got done in a couple more hours. I doubt the pan had anything to do with it.


Thanks for the reply. I think you are right, I just stalled out. I met a guy who cooks 2 15# briskets at a time. Same brand same store. He tells me its not uncommon for an hour or two difference in being done. Anyway it was getting late so I finished it in the indoor oven and it was pullable and juicy..



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