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Pork Loin Roast

This recipe is probably my all time favorite. I will usually cook up about 4 of these things in a big roasting pan. Don�t let them get dried out. Enjoy! Feel free to alter any part of this recipe, just email me and let me know how it goes. I always like to alter my recipes to see what may come of them. You can prepare this pork loin ahead of time and take it camping with you then, place it on the grill or in a Dutch oven to cook it. Remember low heat equals tender meat and don�t let it become dried out.


1 or more whole pork loins, I have found that the bigger you get the better, as you will figure out when you prepare one.
1 cup olive oil
1 cup barbecue rub (I use one of Obie-Cues, which can be found online at or if you live in the DFW metroplex, you can get it at Trader�s Village)
1 big can crushed pineapple (cut back if you want to avoid sweet)
1 big can diced tomatoes or Rotel
2 or more bunches of green onions (cut them in half, not diced, that way they are longer the presentation is nice plus the texture is different)
1 large sliced white onion
1 large green pepper sliced
6 whole jalapeno peppers sliced
� cup minced garlic (ain�t no such thing as too much garlic) if you mince your own garlic adjust accordingly since it is normally stronger
1 roll of cotton fiber string/twine
1 package of bacon
1 package flour tortillas
1 bottle of pineapple juice or apple juice or tomato juice (the choice is all yours)


To prepare the pork loin for slow roasting you will first wash and pat it dry. Then you will cut the loin right down the middle, slicing it in half long ways. You will then coat both halves with olive oil. After this is done, you will brown the two halves. I used a great big Texas cowboy skillet (mine is made from an old plow disk that has had a piece of steel welded to conceal the center hole and has then had horse shoes welded to the sides as grips/handles) resting over a propane burner. Once the pork loin is browned, I will slice in down the middle again BUT NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Then I will slice to the left and right of that slice. Now at this point you should have each half of your pork loin opened like a book. You will then pat down both sides of the loin with the barbecue rub and then stuff them with all of the green onions, white onions, jalapeno peppers, minced garlic and green peppers. Now fold that pork loin up (close the book) and put the two original halves back together the best you can. Now utilizing the twine, tie the loin back together. Once the pork loin is tied together wrap it with the bacon, tucking the bacon under the twine so it will stay in place. Now place the pork loin in a deep pan and then pour on the Rotel, then cover it with the crushed pineapple, then cover it with foil unless you are using a ST or CS to prevent drying out. You are now ready to slow roast the pork loin in a smoker (choice of smoking wood is up to you although hickory will go well, since you are using bacon) or in the oven. Use a low heat about 225 degrees and roast until tender, the time it takes will depend upon how big a pork loin you use. You do not want the pork loin to get dried out so check it often as it cooks, add water, pineapple juice, tomato juice or apple juice if it appears that the juice is evaporating too fast. If you are using a ST or CS model smoker, you probably will not need to worry about your roast drying out. Deciding where you place your temperature probe is up to you.
This roast can cook a long time and only get more tender. So don't worry about the finishing temperature.

This will be one of the best meals you have ever eaten, I can assure you of that. After the pork comes out of the oven, it will be so tender that you can break it apart with a spoon and serve it on flour tortillas with the hot sauce of your choice.
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