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And I did not take it that way. If I had taken it that way, Smokin would probably have to delete my response. Big Grin

I will also say that the circuit board prefers "clean" power. If you run a search on this above under the "Find" button, there are some excellent threads in the archives on it.

But please, keep asking the questions. That is how we learned also.
Originally posted by dsimons:
not to be an idiot,, but can't you just plug it into the provided electricity

At my last contest of the year at Imperial Beach, CA, we were down at the end of the power line. There was only one generator. When they plugged in more cord's downstream, the gang boxes were popping left and right. I was lucky it happened during the day. Just fired up the generator for the rest of the cook, and everything came out OK!!
My older FEC100 does not like modified sine wave inverters. I could not get it to run correctly on two different inverters. One was a Coleman and I can't remember the brand of the other one. I currently have a Samlex 600 watt true sine wave inverter. It runs both of my FE's at contests and with two Sam's Club deep cycle batteries I cooked both the Royal Invite and Open without needing to charge.

I went this route when at the Durango, CO contest two years ago some of the volunteers at the event unplugged my cookers and took my extension cord to power a PA system. The timing couldn't have been worse as it was 1 hour before the first turn in. I've been on batteries ever since.


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