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Hello all.

I found this product by a company called Pro Smoker and Roaster: http://www.prosmokernroaster.c...hp?page=model-fb-150

The products they make look awesome (built like a tank, etc). What is the difference between this product and an FEC100 (besides the added $$)?

I'm thinking of getting a pellet smoker and was doing some research.

Thank You!
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Looks like it could be made by CS for another vendor.
I see it has Traegar seal on the pellet hopper.

Call them and ask who makes it and where.

Find out about the warranty and who handles it.

Ask them who else has one that you can talk to,or cook on.

Some folks have used the chinese to make cheaper copies of CS products.
Looks like they just started making these.

When asking for the info Tom stated,see if they will offer a unconditional refund in 30 days if it isn't the smoker you hoped for.

I did see where you can try to find someone local to work on them, if needed? WHY?

I didn't see where the link was for the owners forum?
I read a thread on another forum,oops SORRY Smokin', but it seems that Fast Eddy is a little skeptical about the air flow. If I remember right, he seems to think that large meats may dry out a little with the air flow design.

I'm not very knowledgeable on stuff like this, but I would trust FE's experience on such a matter as this...well maybe not...SO, I would make sure I saw it work properly,because I'm from the "Show Me State" and words are cheap...just a thought!
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