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I have something I want to try. Has anybody here ever tried smoking commercial pepperoni?

I don't have the time or equipment to make pepperoni from scratch, but my gut tells me that if you take a decent store pepperoni and smoke it, you would get a pepperoni that is leaner and tastes even better.

Advice? Tips? Is this a crazy idea?

This came from buying a smoked pepperoni at a gun show once. It was AWESOME, but I only see that vendor once a year.
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There are plenty of "pre-cooked" items that will take on smoke (brats and hams work well).

You can add SOME smoke, just go for lower temps since you don't want to cook it (try to monitor the internal temp of the Pepperoni). I'd go for a 175 smoker temp or something in that range and experiment. Get a big stick of P and then cut it up in large pieces. Smoke one for 2 hours, one for 4 and test the taste. You can always put it back in for more smoke

And it WILL have a stronger taste the next day.
I have tried smoking pepperoni a few times and I came back to report my results.

It turns out that smoking pepperoni makes it AWESOME. Smiler

I bought some store-bought pepperoni, smoked it at 180 for about 4 hours with mesquite and it was delicious. The smoke makes it spicier and the flavor was great.

Then I did a batch at 200 for 2 hours then 180 for 2 hours. This pulled even more of the fat out of the sticks (poke a few holes to let it out!). The resulting snack is leaner AND spicier. Everyone who has tried it has loved it.

I love my smokette.
I smoked whole sticks.

Here is how I did the batch I liked best so far.

4 sticks store bought peperoni
with a steak knife poke about dozen SMALL SHALLOW holes in the skin to let the oil out
I loaded one chunk mesquite and one chunk hickory
smoke at 200 for 2 hours
lower to 180 and go 2 more hours

Iwould say I got nearly 1/8 cup of fat out of them. The resulting sticks were less fatty and had a nice but strong flavor.

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