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Look at the expiration date on the butts. They will either sit in your fridge or in the supermarket fridge.

Today is Monday and you want to smoke on Sunday night....Hmmm? planning on taking off work next Monday Heh?

I wouln't pick them up until Friday, rub your butts down real good and let them sit in the fridge until you put them in Sunday.....

Like I said...look at the date before you by. I bought some chicken once it it expired (according to the label) the next day.


Whole butts may not be popular in your store, but I'm sure they sell country style ribs and "pork steak" or "shoulder steak." And if they sell them, then they have the whole butts back in their cooler because thats where those 2 cuts of pork come from.

They usually come to your grocer in cryo packs of 2. So just ask them to get you a whole one out. If you buy the pack of 2 you may even get a break since the meat cutter didn't have to mess with it.

Good luck!
You could always buy early and freeze them. They should keep easily 3-4 days in the frdge. I forgot next week is Christmas. You're right you may want to get them early, then freeze them, if only for 2-3 days.......

People around here look at you confused when you ask for a Picnic or Boston Butt too.

A whole pork shoulder works well also!!!!!

I buy porkbutts in a 2 pack from Sams. If the cryovac is a snug fit around the meat you will be fine. Ive aged pork and brisket flats for over a month in tight fitting cryovac pack. I keep the meat on the bottom of my garage fridge and I keep that temp between 33 to 35 degrees.
Ive done it this way for a very long time and have never had a problem. I know others who are professional chefs who age their meat for bbq contests this ways also. I also look at the packing date on the cryovac as to the packaging date. Just my 2 cents here.

Did the shoulder 'Carolina style' for my father's Christmas present, no wood, just the smoke from the fat drippings. It was actually quite tasty, smoke was evident during the entire process, from the first half hour until the final fourteenth. Smoked overnight, starting at 210 then gradually raising to 250 after I got out of bed. A 7.5 pound roast yielded about 2.5 pounds of clean meat and a tasty bone for the dog. I have two vinegar sauces for him to choose from, at least he didn't pick up their penchant for cole slaw on the sandwich.
Recently started buying fresh pork butts at a local market. Bought two, opened them a day later and the bottom of one was greenish in color and smelled rank. Had no receipt, so took no action. Next time I was in the store and butts were on sale, I mentioned it to the butcher. He said that it can happen if they are in the open case for too long, and he had no problem opening and then re-wrapping the two butts I had selected for purchase. I have never seen this in cryopak, and have only seen it the one time in fresh. I bought four butts sunday, prepped them tuesday and partially froze them for a cook on friday. The sell by date was wednesday, so I think I should be okay.
Mornin' twofer.

Just a couple of thoughts.

As mentioned above,all the products they sell as steaks,chunks,country ribs.etc., come in cases of two to a cryovac.

Fresh pork is a good thing.

If they are a large market,they will be keeping the cold room at 28º.

Two weeks is generally felt to be the max time for them,there.

The cases have the kill/pack date printed on them.

They should also state if they are enhanced/pumped with salt water.

They are usually thrilled to go get you 2 pks,as they just weigh them and send you out the door.

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