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I'm worried the time between removing my brisket from the smoker next Saturday and serving it may exceed 8 hours while wrapped in foil and a towel. And I can't just put it in later 'cause it'll be the middle of the night! Should I stick it back in at a low temp or is there a better way to reheat before carving/serving?
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here is how i do it every saturday.
go ahead and cook the brisket but pull it in the 180 area since you in essence are going to be cooking it again.
while the brisket is cooking tear off a sheet of heavy foil big enough to wrap the brisket.
on top of the foil lay out a sheet of plastic film.
after you have let the brisket cool a little wrap it in the film and then the foil and refrigerate.
about 2 hours before you plan to serve it just warm it up in a 250 f oven.
hope this helps some
ps. the reason i do it this way is to let us hit the ground running with our vending. it rotates my stock and to be honest some customers have asked for the reheated over the fresly smoked. they say it is smokier tasting and who i am to argue???
I've reheated them but I prefer to do it in one step. I put the brisket in right before I go to bed and turn it to 212. I check it in the morning and adjust the temp if necessary before work, usually up to 225. By the time I get home it's ready to eat.

Now while I'm gone I have my wife foil it at 165, and at 190 I have her just turn off the smoker, open the door for a minute to let the heat out, then close the door. It will stay hot for hours just like in a cooler.

If you need to hold it longer, then turn the heat on your smoker to 140. I'm not sure how long you could hold it there--maybe some others can help. But I think first you need to stretch out your cooking time a little.
I think you could probably do similar to Dennis idea just smoke it overnight and if it's done early, just wrap. Many times in contest my brisket is done 4 or 5 hours early (in the old days, my timing is better now) and wrapping and holding is fine.

How big a brisket? We can help with the timing if that's your preference.
The commercial plastic wraps will handle 270�+.[as long as they don't touch the grates]

If in foil,they hold the juices closer to the meat,and sorta melt and make their own seal.

We know nothing other than the weight of your packer.

Another thought is cook at 170�-180�,as mentioned above,and stretch your cook time.

Like Dennis said,foil and let the cooker hold at 140�.

Old guys,like Smokin', and some o' them guys what swum across the Rio Grande and spent a generation, to get to be an okie,they thought 180� for 24 hrs was normal. Wink

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