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Yes it's true. You might want to contact KCBS if you need to validate it, there are details on the KCBS site.

We dont have an RD here in Oklahoma, but I wish we did.

Get it, try it and let us know. We are finally getting a Whole Foods, but no RD... yet

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If you work for almost any kind of company and can get a copy of their business license that's all it takes to get a Restaurant Depot Card. Once you have a membership you can get additional cards for $5.00 to give friends/family. They have been expanding rapidly and have seven locations here in Texas.

I like their St. Louis Cut fresh Ribs which are pretty consistent in size. They also have frozen products if you want that.

I pack up freezer bags or ice chests when I make a trip, but it is scary to see how many people load raw meat into the back of their pickup when it's 102 degrees outside!

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