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Well I just mailed my box today. Not sure if the person receiving it would want to know that it is scheduled to be delivered next Wednesday or not?

So all I will say is someone in OK check your front door this Wednesday, or somewhere around your front yard, in case the U tube videos of packages being thrown over fences and out the truck windows are real, if they are any where on your street is probably fair game.
Well, looks like a few got there box's out, I had to make a new batch of my sauce, finished that this morning, did some shopping yesterday, now the damn box I saved is tooo small, I need to do some scrounging at work tomorrow to get a bigger box, or someone might be getting two box's, that might not be a bad thing, more to open. Smiler
Thank Goodness for the LARGE flat rate box, headed out west, should arrive by the weekend. I hope it all makes it intact, that sucker was bulging a little, taped every square inch of box. Big Grin
PM me when you get the box, I forgot to put my note in it and I'll be damned I was opening that thing back up. I have some directions for the homemade rub you should know. Smiler

The bag marked “Allergen” is from a local company that caters to the commercial market, but will sell to the home user. According to Waltons Inc. label this seasoning contains hydrolyzed soy protein, which is considered an allergen.

I must not have a soy allergy as I have used a lot of this mix with no ill effects other than those attributable to the accompanying Margaritas.
Bd- The hot sauce is incredible. We tried it with our meal last night. We had some smoked hamburgers and it kicked it up several notches on the taste. We also tried the OMG BBQ sauce with our french fries. Killer stuff! The relish was good. I tried that with a spoon. I am trying to decide what to do with that. Maybe a potato salad??? I tried both rubs on a cucumber because I couldnt wait to use them. The Fin and Feather is OUTSTANDING. The lime taste and rosemary are excellent compliments to the spice in the rub. Loved everything I have tried. My kids were excited about the hot sauce. They can't eat anything without some heat. So I stock up on Louisianna sauce and Tapatio. They said the Boom Boom was really good. "Can we get more?" they said! Ha! Looking them up no on the internet. Cheers!
Padrefan and anyone else interested,

Here is a little more background on the Salvy items I sent you, plus info on their other items. Salvy Sousa is a new, small Kansas company making some really good sauces. BTW, I have no financial interest in the company, just some good friends that I would like to see succeed with their new passion.

A new brand, Salvy Sousa, is taking on the Midwest. Salvy Sousa was developed by Hankerings LLC in 2011, a company owned by Rob and Janet Carroll of Arkansas City, Kansas. Long-time entrepreneurs in the commercial coatings industry, the Carroll’s took on their bucket list head on by pursuing their long time passion for food.

Hankerings wanted to create a brand that gave a throwback to old school nostalgia. For them, it was a simple concoction. Rob’s grandfather, an Italian butcher from New York and a lover of great cuisine, was named Salvy. And Sousa was the maiden name of Rob’s ornery Portuguese grandmother which was an extraordinary cook in her own right. The name was mixed and the little fella, Salvy Sousa, was born. But Salvy Sousa is anything but little; he’s a man that is ready to take on the food industry and introduce people to his new line of sauces, marinades and concoctions that will be enjoyed passionately from the preparation to the presentation of the meal. They are sure to bring together, “Food, Friends & Fire.” Salvy Sousa’s product line features premium all-natural products which use the finest ingredients and are proudly produced in Kansas.

Salvy Sousa Riff Raff Mushroom Marinade is a concoction of savory blend of sauces and red wine and other secretive family ingredients. Riff Raff has been meticulously crafted as a one of a kind marinade that is truly maintenance for the soul. It can be used to marinate mushrooms, onions, and other vegetables. It is a perfect marinade for both pork and chicken. Using Salvy Sousa Riff Raff Mushroom Marinade will make you a champion!

Salvy Sousa OMG BBQ Sauce is just that –One Mighty Gnarly BBQ Sauce! It is a full bodied premium sauce with bold, sweet and smoky flavors. You will love it! Use it everywhere, for meats, sandwiches, as a dip and for fries!

Salvy Sousa Shakem’ Up Steak Sauce is a premium blend for marinating your choice cuts of steak. Fine ingredients will encourage your steak to only be the best. A properly prepared steak should not need sauce in the plate. Using Shakem’ Up before will give you a great finish to your steaks!

Salvy Sousa Sweet N’ Sassy Jalapeno Relish is a perfect blend of sweet and heat to top off burgers, brats and hot dogs. It is a great blend for dips and a perfect addition for guacamole.

Soon to be released:

Salvy Sousa Rev It Up Ketchup with Boost – This ain’t your kids ketchup. Full flavored, full bodied and all natural ingredients make this concoction something you will reach for time and time again!

Salvy Sousa Boom Boom Hot Sauce – Put it in everything, Put it on everything, Put it over everything. People can’t get enough of the robust flavor that goes BOOM BOOM!
Hey BD in KS, I looked them up and found their website

Nice looking stuff. I am tempted to order the Salvy Sousa Sixer. I am gonna wait until the sauce exchange is over and I use up some of my stuff. I did bookmark the site. So they will be getting my business sooner or later Smiler Thanks for the info. That jalapeno relish looks good.

Padrefan - Another great use would be for a small brie cheese wheel, either on top or split thru the middle like a cake and put the relish in the middle, wrap in puff pastry and bake until golden on a cookie sheet. This type of appy always disappears anywhere I bring it. I usually use a habanero jelly, but look forward to trying this one day. Also try the cream cheese with the relish on a toasted bagel instead of a cracker, I bet that would be good!
Originally posted by David Qualls:
I received a Big Box of Nice Things! I will post some pics very soon.

Thanks Cook One!

I've been gone all last week (Talladega) and came home to some things that required my immediate attention. However I ordered the first of my stuff to head straight up the midwest. Hope it's not too Cheezy there.....hint...hint...

David, I hope you enjoy the box, if you were in Talladega, you were about 40 miles away, you could have picked it up, and been the first to get your box. I hope you like the selection. let me know what you like and don't like, it will help in the next swap.

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