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Hey Oldie, I dont know about the powdered chicken broth but if you are looking for salt free spices I would try Dizzy Pig.

Their rubs are awesome and I think that some of them do not have salt. The ones that do have salt they only use large flake kosher. I really like the "Coarse Dizzy Dust" and the "Swamp Venom" rubs. The spices they use are so fresh that you will be amazed when you smell them. Give them a call and ask them what they have that is salt free.

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You just looking for broth or wanting to do Q with it?

Did a search of the archives, but couldn't find a post with "powder, chicken, broth" OR "power broth" listed.

Maybe someone will see it.

Might want to do some research on the HBP. IT's a lot of the processed foods you buy that have the higher sodiums add.

I'll keep looking. If I find something, I'll post it.

Pretty hard to find commercial rubs without sodium Sravaka, it's a money maker (it's cheap and it's for flavor). I looked at the Dizzy Pigs all have at least 18% (lowest) or over 30% highest.
Oldie.....Dietary sodium and high blood pressure are indeed related. Any MD will tell you that and its a fact. We all need to lower our salt intake for better health.

I've been substituting various spices and herbs in place of salt in my homemade rubs with good results. You might try the same with store bought rubs and sauses. Experiment and you'll find something that rings your bell.
GLH -- just to set the record straight... sea salt is just salt.. same as Morton's... chemically both are NaCl... (sodium cloride). Sea salt simply has some "impurities" that makes it taste better and maybe it fools some of us into thinking it better for us -- at least a little goes a long way. And yes, those millionaire TV chefs and most of our restaurants are guilty of making most of us salt junkies. my 2 cents --- BBQBear, a multiple stroke survivor.

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