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It's heating up! It's summer! It's time for another round of the Sauce and Rub Exchange!

This is the place to sign up for the July 2014 Sauce and Rub exchange. The exchange will work like this. You will submit your name here to this forum. I will add you to this list at the bottom of this post. You will then send me your name and mailing address to my private message box. I will reply to you that I have received it. Then when the sign up date closes, I will begin assigning each of the participants a recipient. I will then private message you your recipients name and address. You will have 12 days to put together a package containing not less than $25 in sauces and rubs. These sauces and rubs should be something you created or with some research a retail item that you think your recipient has not had the opportunity to try. It could be a local joints sauce or rub that only is sold in their establishment. It could be a sauce or rub that you pick up out on the circuit. Have fun with it, get creative and keep in mind that the $25 is a minimum. But nobody should expect more than the $25. I suspect a lot of people will be discussing their box here in the forum. Maybe you could add a personal touch item to really kick up the experience. A couple of your favorite beer coasters, a bbq sticker, etc etc. Not expected, but could be an added bonus item. Please remember this is supposed to remain anonymous and then once shipments are made you are free to discuss the boxes, sender, likes and dislikes. Just keep it light and honest. Some participants might actually send you a secret recipe they have been working on or one they use at home. They might actually like to hear some feedback. But, let me remind you. It is not a requirement in this exchange to send a homemade item.

Listed below are the important dates and some information.

$25 minimum
June 30th deadline to submit your name and address to me by Private Message.
July 1st assignments to be Private Messaged to you.
July 1st-12th shipping
July 14th all shipments should be completed.

Here is the list of participants. Check back here to see your name on the list. Also I will place a Smiler next to your name once you send me your address.

AndyJ Smiler
Joe M Smiler
Wilber Smiler
Soleman Smiler
Cal Smiler
DakotaSmoke Smiler
Smokin'O Smiler
shtrdave Smiler

Past exchanges have been a blast. So many generous people out there. Don't miss this one! Sign up now. But remember to please check back on the important dates listed above!
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Originally posted by AndyJ:
I'm always in. My cupboard overfloweth right now, so I guess I need to start smoking more to make room for some new stuff. Besides it gives me a reason to get a couple of new local rubs I've been wanting to try.

Boy is that an understatement, I too seem to runnith over.

I have accumulated some junk, opps, treasures while cooking some comps, so I might as well "regift" a few.

I'm in PadreFan!
Come on all you lurkers out there, sign up. We don't bite! It's fun and you might get something from another part of the country that you might not have ever considered trying, but ended up loving. Or you might get something you've never heard of that ROCKS! Or perhaps someone's homemade secret recipe that turns out to be awesome.

I know I've gotten all three in past exchanges.

Pappy's Choice seasoning
Pappy's prime rib seasoning
Rib Tickler
Yoders Meat rub
Salvy Sousa meat marinade
Curley's Hickory BBQ sauce
Mr B's BBQ sauce
Big Ricks Original BBQ sauce
Grannie's Homemade mustard
Smoked Almonds
Some peach and cherry wood
Finger tested the seasonings and they were all good! Cant wait to get them on some meat!!
Thanks again Soleman!!!!!!
I received my package today. Thank You Joe M! I am definitely looking forward to using and tasting the variety I received. The selection of local items is great, something we don't have much of around my area.

Charleston Gourmet Burger Marinade
Charleston Favorites Peach Slow Burn Hot Sauce
Charleston’s Own Jalapeno Pepper Jelly
Charleston’s Own Carolina Peach Butter
Trader Joe’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce
Goucho Ranch Chimichurri Marinade, Condiment, Dipping Sauce
Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen Voodoo Sauce
Chief Green Seasoning
Matouk’s Hot Sauce/Salsa Picante
Willie’s Hog Dust Spicy Blend
Willie’s Hog Dust Microwave Original BBQ Pork Rind Pellets
Oakridge BBQ Venison & Wild Game Rub
Blackjack Barbecue Dry Rub
Homemade Rub for Pork Slabs
Mini Jar Shot Glass

Thanks again Joe M.


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You are quite welcome. I hope you enjoy everything! The vac seal rub is THE SLABS PORK (aka Kyle Style Perk Up Your Pork). I buy it in bulk. I also use Perfect Bite Rubs (by COOK ONE) but I know you already got some of that! Wink

Feel free to PM me if you want any specifics.

The Matouks is "Trinidadian Ketchup". It's not scorching hot (but go easy). It's great on and in just about anything.

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