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I've been slowly working on the box I received from Joe M in the last exchange.

So far I've used the Voodoo Sauce, the Trader Joe's Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce, the Chief Green Seasoning, and I'm still working on the Matouk's Sauce/Salsa.

The Chief Green Seasoning marinated some chicken thighs before being smoked and turned out really well.

You don't see much of the sauce like Carolina Gold up around here. I've used it on some pulled pork and pork ribs. I really like the flavor and will have to order some more of that.

Have to admit I was a bit nervous before opening the Voodoo Sauce but wow is that good stuff. Great flavor as a side on some pork loin ribs and everyone seems to like it.

The Matouk's is hot like you said but if you go easy on it the flavor is good. One friend of mine likes it so much he ordered his own bottle the other day, he can eat it in any quantity. No taste buds left for him.

Just wanted to thank you again Joe M for the variety of new things to try.
You're welcome. I'd love to hear how you like the rubs. If you want me to send some more mustard sauce just PM me. Charleston is the epicenter of mustard sauce as a lot of Germans settled here. Just about everything I use now I was introduced to through the sauce & rub exchange. My wife say to stop experimenting but where's the fun in that?! Wink
Made some hot wings for the playoffs today, using primarily items from this as well as past exchanges.
7 wings with Wing Dust
7 wings with combo of Everglade Heat and Chikky Rub Downeast Version.

Smoked with Peach at 225 for 1 hour.

Then onto hot grill to crisp the skin.

Coated 7 wings with combo of TigerSauce/Mr B's BBQ sauce.

The other 7 with combo of Bird Dog BBQ sauce/Lousiana Habanero sauce.

Results: Very good with both batches. Skin needed to crisp more. Both had a bit of heat and some sweet. Enjoyed both batches.

Almost all of these items came to me via the exchange, so to all those out there that don't participate---give it a try next time it comes around---it is fun and tasty too!


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