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Hello. I use a F Dick stuffer and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of construction and it’s performance while stuffing. There are other brands I considered one being the Sausage Maker brand. The reasons I chose the F Dick were similar to the ones that made me choose a cookshack smoker. It cost a little more but this will likely be the last stuffer I will need to buy and will probably pass it on to my children and them to there’s. The Sausage Maker brand has plastic gears the F Dick hardened steel gears and is made from heavier gage stainless steal. When I looked at the Sausage Maker brand stuffer I noticed the welds were sloppy there were sharp edges etc. Although I think it would probably work fine I chose the F Dick over the Sausage Maker because I felt the better quality was worth the extra $50. . Hope this was of some help. Good luck on your decision.
Well having just made 15 pounds of dry salami type and grinding and stuffing it with my KitchenAid, I am in the market for a stuffer also. The grinding was not the big of a deal, but the stuffing took hours and the triceps in my arms were sore for 3-4 days.

With the excellent advice in the first two posts I looked at the F Dick and I agree that is the way to go, if you are going to be making a lot of sausage.

However, I am not in that place at this time and I am thinking of getting a 5lb model from Grizzly Tools. I figure the price is right and I can experiment until I have the bucks to get a good stuffer. Model H6252 is only $59.95 plus $8.95 shipping @ For some reason my brouser won't open the site without the www. I have one of their bandsaws and I am quite happy with it, especially the finish quality (made in Taiwan). but I haven't used it that much. Most of their branded stuff is imported but it is not the same kind of finish that you find with made in China junk that a lot of places sell. I haven't seen the sausage stuffer but considering the Sausage Maker ones of about the same size and 5x the money I think I wll give it a shot for a while and also the F Dick is 10X$.

The other one I was thinking about is Dakotah Sausage Stuffer, its $150 and is water powered. If it works it might be really slick, no cranks to turn etc. Has anyone had any experience with one of these??? Confused
Jerry that’s an incredible deal for $59.95 !! That’s the same price they have on the horn style stuffer on the same page in the catalog. If you go to the Sausage Maker catalog and read the description it matches exactly( notice the space age plastic gears in the photo). I wonder if it is actually the same stuffer without the Sausage Maker label ? I have looked at the Dakotah water powered stuffer but not used one. I was concerned on how it turns on and off I didn’t see a valve other than the faucet .
DMERRELL, i have a 15 to 20lb stuffer i dont use any more. it has 2 speed hand crank speeds,s/steel cyl. not sure of make but will pull it out and ck it out if your interested.
will take $100.00 for shipping. if i remember right i payed close to 400.00 for it 2yrs ago. what sausage i do now i do w/ my kitchen aide unit.
p.s. it a heavy sucker.
jack foley
I bought a Cabela's vertical stuffer a couple of years ago and it has been just great.
It comes with an assortment of tubes including a tiny one for pepperettes.

I have the 11#er ($249.99)
It is top quality with all metal gears and heavy s/s housing.
Basically an off-shore Tre Spade.

Here's the link; 25147&parentId=cat280028&navAction=push&catalogCode=IF&rid=&parentType=index&indexId=cat280028&hasJS=true

P.S. Their customer service is second-to-none.
Stuffers are under a lot of pressure when one is stuffing the casings...I would spend a little more money on one that has metal gears vs the plastic.

If you are not adding enough ice water or other lubricant for the meat, it will make the stuffing of the sausage difficult on the stuffer.

I was able to purchase a "OLD ENTERPRISE" from a elderly gentleman for twenty bucks.. a real steal, since they are auctioned on Ebay for over $200.00.

This very unit is still available for around $400.00.

My father has a FDick which he purchased used from a butcher shop that went out of business...Don't know how long the previous owner used it but my father has had it for 10 years and it works Great.

Have made a lot of Italian sausage and probably about 600 pounds of the old style hard salami.

Bottom line, "You get what you pay for".

Last year I bought a Dakotah sausage stuffer after a long period of research.

I bought mine from GeiyserQ, but I don't know if Gary is still in the business. Shoot him an email and see.

Anyway this is the minature (10 pound version) of what some of the real big sausage boys use. You need to make some hoses to hook it up, and it is not the easiest to clean, but cleaning up after fat meat never is easy. You can really see what you are doing and it takes a lot of counter space to use, but it works awesome.

I later went back to Dakotah and bought the ground jerky attachment. For butcher paper to roll it out on you can buy rolls of "Reynolds Freezer Paper" in some supermarkets. Just cut it into 3 inch wide sections and you are off and running.

It's a sausage stuffer not sliced bread, but it works that well. No longer is your problem stuffing sausage, your weak point now becomes the size of your grinder and your mixing system.
Howdy all - got the exact same question as the original one posted in 2005. Only difference is, we are are about 9 years I'm asking it mainly because I'm new to sausage making and curious if anything good has come to market, or if I should go with the tried and tested:

I'm looking to buy a new sausage stufer, 10lb plus range. What kind does anyone use, pros and cons, best place to buy??
I took an LEM stuffer and modified it with a 3 position air valve (down,off,up) and made a bracket to mount a 2.5# bore 8" stroke air cylinder on it. I can adjust the regulator on the compressor to get the speed I want.

We build some stuff like that for fun sometimes (lemon squeezer, pop can crusher, etc.) so I had most of the components I needed. It works pretty slick though!
I started out with a KA stuffer. Plastic auger and makes mush out of your ground meat. Someone else mentioned that you get what you pay for. I wholeheartedly agree. I did a lot of research and ended up with a LEM products small meat grinder and a 5lb. vertical stuffer. What took an hour of stuffing with the KA has turned into a 20 stuff. Have read many comments on different boards about the KA and most all have finally given up and purchased a vertical stuffer from different sources. What a difference. I also was informed of a source for natural casings. It seems that most of the casings sold in this country are first shipped off to China for processing and then returned to this country for sale. With all of the concerns for food products from China, I wouldn't be comfortable buying any food products from there. Before purchasing any casings, ask the country of origin. I was told of a company in the states that is probably the last that processes casings here. Syracuse Casings. All sizes from snack stick lamb casings to larger ones for sausage and for bologna. Reasonably priced and excellent quality. I have a Brinkman offset cast iron smoker with a Rock stocker kit. Great for large items and ribs. Not so easy to control temps for sausage. Just ordered a Cookshack small electric smoker. After reading so many posts about problems with cheaper electric smokers, I bit the bullet and ordered a Cookshack. Cannot find a single negative post about the Cookshack brand. Although this is a hobby, I take it seriously and want a finished product that I can be proud of serving to friends and family without any reservations. Unfortunately quality comes with a price, but with the cost of good meat and looking at years of service, for me, I have found that going for better is worth it. I will get off my soap box now, but if I have saved some others from purchasing cheap I have done what I intended.

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