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Hey All,

Wow my first post!!! I'm going to get a cookshack for my B-day and can't wait. Just the little 009, but that's all I need. Just cooking for those NFL games the coimg season...GO HOUSTON TEXANS.

Back on my wife and I were running around OKC and we saw a spice shop. Savory Spice Shop on N.W.44th and Western.

They have LOTS of spices and what I really like are the sample of everything!! So, a few commercial rubs and some of theirs.
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Happy Birthday, Cohiba and welcome to the forum.
There are several Savory Spice shops scattered across the country, including Denver. Great selection of some more unusual spices. A little pricey for what you get in quantity, but excellent quality. I spend a fair amount of time there.
I didn't mean to do a shamless plug. I'm the type of person that when we(OKC) get a shop here I try to let others know.

I lived in the Galveston/Houston are for a few years and it really spoiled me. We could never have the type of stores Houston does because we don't have the economy for it.

We barely have a SAKS 5th Ave in Tulsa and now we have a Whole Foods in OKC...but others won't come...CostCo, Central Market...etc. Because we either have crazy alcohol sales laws or we don't have enough people/money to support them... Frowner

Soooo, when I find a store I try to let others know. Sure I know there are a gazillion websites for rubs and spices...just trying to help a store..STAY in Okc!!! Wink

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