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Hello all I am a newbie to the forum however I just received my PG 500 a few days ago and have a few question's..

-Is it normal to have saw dust flying around while cooking(Very noticeably)
-Trying to dial in settings to get accurate temps with no luck..

Can someone provide me with some helpful tips,BTW I did smoke a pork butt for 12 hrs last night to season the grill..
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Hi ya and welcome to the forum.
Don't know what kind of tips you are looking for but if it is how to dial in the PG, look at the heading "Discussion Topic Featured TopicLHt/HHt 101 - Temp Control on the PG1000" as I'm sure you know the PG500 works the same way.

If you are looking for food tips, SmokinOkie has written a series of 101 smoking instructions that are on the forum also CookShack has some videos on there site that you might find useful. Lastly for specific issues you might try using the "Find" tab at the top left.

More questions just ask I'm sure someone will answer.

The draft fan must be running in order to keep the pellet-fire burning and it will blow some ash particles out of the fire pot. Most of that ash falls into the ash collection drawer below, but some of the really, really fine stuff does float around due to the air/draft flow within the unit. I sometimes notice a light coating of ash/dust on the direct-side grill when just using the indirect-side for a smoke after a few hours. Just clean off the direct-side grill with a grill brush before you use it.

Any wood fueled fire is going to produce some ash. No way to get around it. If you think your grill is blowing excessive ash around, call Cookshack and talk with Tony or Bill in Tech Support. They are great folks to deal with, and will solve your issues.
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Hello there,Lilhead540. I'm new to the PG500 myself (3 weeks). I've noticed the same thing with flying dust/ash. It doesn't seem to affect the taste of my food. I've read on a pellethead site where some will take a colander/strainer and sift their pellets before loading them into the hopper to reduce the amount of sawdust. Heh, I just came back from town with a thrift store colander to try that idea. Your temp swings can be dialed in a bit tighter by experimenting with your Lht/Hht settings but dialing it in tighter may reduce the amount of smoke you put on your food. YMMV. Good luck!
BTW, how did your pork butt turn out? Coming from an electric CS50 My first pork butt had crunchier bark and was pretty darn tasty- it disappeared with a quickness!

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