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I personally like the (old school) Texas style briskets that I was raised on. If you have eaten brisket from Cooper's BBQ in Ft Worth, it is very close to what I am describing. What I mean by that is, I like the simple taste of smoked beef, salt, and pepper. I have been experimenting with making my brisket smoking more simple. I believe that I have been over complicating the whole process until this last year. In the past I have injected, foiled during the cook, used complicated rubs, ect. But recently I have found the more simple I make it, the better it tastes.
Here is an example of my brisket from last night.

I started with an untrimmed 12.3 lb packer, washed with tap water and let it drip dry. Then I coated it with olive oil (makes the bark crunchy like it was cooked in a stick burner), and then covered with a rub made up of 1/4 cup Kosher salt, 1/4 cup coarse ground black pepper, 1/4 cup Montreal steak seasoning. I then filled the wood tray completely with hickory chunks and 5 charcoal brikettes. I then loaded the brisket in the smoker and set the cooking temp @ 250 degrees, and the probe temp @ 194 degrees. The cook only took 8 1/2 hours. The I foiled the brisket, wrapped that with 3 beach towels, and placed it in an ice chest for 6 hours.
In my opinion the finished product was really good, probably not a compition style brisket, but what I like to feed my family. I will try to post a few pics.


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Looks good. I've only done a few briskets so far. Was down in Dallas a few weeks back and just happened to pop into a Sam's club. All these beautiful choice packers.... All I can get up here in Illinois from Sams is select flats. The only place I can get packers is RD. May have to try the salt & pepper route on the net one.
Yep,if you read the constant posts from the experienced cooks from brisket country
that keep yelling K.I.S.S,and the stories of how good cooks at home,vending,catering,etc,that may be cooking two,or three cases, make great food without the 100 "Super Secret Tips " that we all want to try out on one five lb flat.

Makes ya wonder why we all just don't go ahead and cook something,while we learn our cooker and the meat. Cool

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