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This is my second electric smoker, first was a Masterbuilt,  real junk, should have been called Medicorebuilt.

I have liked the Cookshack, had several years, used it probably ten times, also have a Pit Barrel, gets more use, but when weather is bad the Cookshack is under cover.

Last two times I have tried to use it, set it at 225°, but it just keeps climbing. Any thoughts, Not buying a whole control unit at that ridiculous price. Not a fan of 'everything is disposable',  I am sure this can be fixed, right?

Any way to get a schematic diagram of the controller?

Thanks, Bill

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After the rise on initial heating, does it ever come back to set? If not, I suspect the smoker box probe. Either some coating or build-up preventing it from accurately reporting temp to the controller, or a bad probe, which should be easy to replace. I'd try that before replacing the entire controller, which may not correct the bad probe reading, and leave you with the same problem..

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