I just purchased a new SMO 25, it should be delivered by December 10th, I purchased the rib racks, & extra wood, is there anything else I will need to get smoking.
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Rubs, lots of rubs. And don't forget to leave the door closed. Taking a peak really delays finish times.

Enjoy, experiment and have good eats and fun.
Heavy duty aluminum foil, a pack of half size deep steam table aluminum pans for the drip pan (get a Sam's or your restaurant supply store), plenty of paper towels, and BBQ gloves from texasbbqrub.com

I second the Thermapen not only for BBQ but for cooking in general- checking grilled chicken, roasts you may do in the oven- I even use mine to check the oil temp when I am pan/deep frying.

Enjoy your purchase- make plenty of notes to tweak for next time, trust your thermometer, and don't open the door.

I only find two things that are difficult with this smoker- What am I going to smoke and cleaning the grates but that is what the Wife is for! Wink
Along with all that is said; a good pair of heat proof gloves to remove your meats really helps and keeps you from dropping anything! Have fun and good luck!
A good drill motor, bits for ss,use the gloves when you are trying to bend the heating element,and remember to place the wood over the holes, hope this helps.
SS=Stainless steel. The drill motor and bits would be for drilling holes into the woodbox. Bigdogs had a bad experience, but no worry. You'll be fine with the other suggestions. Happy Q to you.

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