I had a great success tonight, for the first time smoking chicken breast.

I brined 4 large whole breasts in a very simple solution (4 cups water, 30g salt, 30g brown sugar) for 1-1/2 hours, rinsed and patted dry. I had some cajun spice mix left over from the last time I made dirty rice which I applied liberally. Smoked at 225F until thickest part of breast was 165F using one small chunk of apple wood.

The chicken came out amazing. The thickest part was incredibly juice, the thinnest part not dried out. The brining seemed to do a great job without making the chicken salty. This will become a staple here, what a deliciously healthy way to eat chicken!

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That looks great. You just decided for me what will be for supper.

Thanks for sharing.

Originally posted by Padrefan98:
Try brining a little longer. Just to expirement. I go 8-12 hours on mine.

Is that for chicken breast or a whole chicken? Every article I read listed short times for chicken breast. But interested in your recommendation. What is your brine recipe? Thanks.
Originally posted by macnmotion: What is your brine recipe? Thanks.

Have you checked out Brining 101.

As far as times, all times are recommendations. Don't hesitate to adjust them.

I also recommend pulling white meat at 155 or so.
I brined the breast 8 hours as an experiment one morning. I too read that breasts take an hour while whole chickens took 8 hours. Made no sense to me. My experiment produced the juiciest breast with a better smokiness then it's 1 hour counterpart. This is just a taste profile preference for me. Give it a shot.

I use the simple brine in Brining 101. I also add whatever dried herbs I am in the mood for. Like oregano, rosemary, thyme.

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