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Ok's a damn fine recipe, did it last night

Two whole chicken breasts
smoked at 185 for two to two and a half hours with 2-3 oz. of apple wood

dice up the chicken before adding it to the following:

1 cup marinated sun dried tomatoes
1 cup sliced (canned ok) mushrooms
4 cloved pressed garlic
1/3 cup olive oil
2 tbsp dried basil
shredded fresh parmasean cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Sautee the garlic, then add the mushrooms, SD tomatoes, basil, and heat to simmer, then add chicken and heat evenly while you boil your penne pasta. Add parmasean cheese to it, then more cheese once it is all mixed with the pasta...lordy lordy lordy, this is incredible

Toss it all together and WOW, the best pasta I have ever made

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Sounds really similar to some things we do.

Couple of points.

Two breast for two hours?

Did you find them dry at all? Smoke for two hours and then cook some more...sounds like dry chicken in my house.

Mine never take more than an hour to reach 160. Are these bone in or bone out? Are you pulling them at a certain temp, or just the time?

If you're going to cook them in a dish like this, I suggest only cooking them to about 150 then dice then cook.

I have a dish like this, but I brine the breast, take them out at 150, dice and cook like yours. Comes out very juicy, not dry and everyone ask "how did you do that?"


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