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Wondering if anyone has done these. We had them from a caterer at a function last week and they were phenomenal. I want to try them. I have looked at several recipes and the main difference is the smoke time and temp. It ranges from 60 - 80 mins at 225 to 300F (the max for my AQ), and I want the bacon pretty crisp. Any tips would be appreciated. BTW, based on my one experience, these are worth it!

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Jay, I've made Moink many times in my AQ following a recipe from Cookshack.  It was up to 2 hours at 225.  Bacon was cooked but it's been a while for me to say it was crisp.  I think thin cut bacon could be the answer.  I also follow some of the recipes and tips from Meat Church BBQ and he has some videos on what you are looking for and those are cooked at 275.  There is also a recipe for smoked cream cheese that makes for a tasty spread I've tried, and everyone liked.

Jay:  There was a recipe for cream cheese and crab stuffed Jalapeno Poppers on the old web site.  I have it here if you want it.  One thing about doing these and getting crisp bacon is you have to cheat.  Start the bacon in the oven or microwave before you wrap the pepper in it.  I have also done bacon wrapped avocado that is real good.


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Thanks Mike! For my first try, I'm going to cheat even worse than you suggest - I found pre-made cream cheese stuffed and bacon wrapped jalapenos at Sam's Club this week. I thought for a first try on time and temp, why not? I think I'll try 300F (max on my AQ) and see what happens. Some recipes I saw recommend broiling at the end to crisp the bacon. I'll post what happens.

Yeah, I saw that CS recipe Mike. I'd stay away from crab, not the flavor I'm looking for, but I think the general idea is good. I'll see what happens at 300f for around an hour, maybe less if the jalapenos get too soft, then I'll decide if I need to crisp up the bacon. I love experimenting as long as no non-family guests are the guinea pigs!

Jay. I’ve made these many times tailgating. If your going to wrap them with bacon, use precooked bacon from Costco.  However, I’ve refined my recipe to make it easier.  I core the peppers, then mix a bag of taco seasoned cheese and a bag of bacon bits from the salad aisle, stuff the peppers and smoke at about 200-225° for a couple of hours.  Deelish and the bacon won’t over or under cook.  

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