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I never smoked garlic but when I roast it I like to cut off the bottom of the bulbs exposing the cut cloves. Stand the cut bulbs upside down on the racks so the cut part is on top. Dirzzle with olive oil add spices (kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and hot sauce). I would try 225 to 250 for one hour and see how they look. When I raost them at 400 to 425 I leave them in for 45 minutes. Whatever you do don't burn the garlic Roll Eyes
Although it's been awhile, I've smoked garlic several times in the past in a manner similar to jimfromweymouth.

Start the smoker at 225F with the wood of your choice (I use apple) and let it run for a bit to let the heavy initial smoke burn off. Cut several heads of garlic in half horizontally and place on a rack partially covered with enough aluminum foil to hold the garlic. Drizzle with evoo. Smoke until the cloves are soft. As I recall, it takes about 2 hours but you should
check after 1 hour.

When done, squeeze all of the cloves in a small bowl, spritz with some more oil, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until ready to use. In the past, I've used smoked garlic as an addition to soups, stews, chili, gumbo, mashed potatos, etc.
Thunderbyte, you can do both. If I'm going to roast the garlic for a recipe I just throw the whole bulb in the oven around 425 for 45 minutes. If I'm going to just eat it as a treat I spend a little more time and follow the above directions spicing it up a little. I forget the name of the resturant I was at but they served it with the bread. I was hooked.
Smoked garlic...yummm. DLS got it right, except for clarification cut off about the top third and throw that away, and you have all the little exposed cloves. When smoked/roasted, they get creamy brown. (you can protect them in a little foil, too) 'Squirt' them on to toasted french bread...a little brie...good Calif. red wine.... Heaven my friends! They turn sweeter than sugar...really.

Only thing, if it's Saturday night, you'll still stink like garlic at church the next morning! So, caution!
Per my earlier post about smoked odds and ends:

I should have posted about this last week but I took the garlic, key limes and jalapenos out of the smoker. I made a pot of beans with two cloves of the smoked garlic and one of the peppers. It really added an amazing flavor to the beans. I was able to make them without any meat. Don't get me wrong, I like meat but my grandmother is on a low-sodium diet and I cook her and my grandfather most weeks so it was a matter of getting a lot of flavor with as little salt as possible. The beans that I took out for her and the ones that I seasoned for myself were miles apart but desperate time... Anyway, smoke everything you can get your hands on is the point of this story.

frank in louisiana
Originally posted by frankiii:
Per my earlier post about smoked odds and ends:
low-sodium diet and I cook her and my grandfather most weeks ... frank in louisiana

Surely you jest.. you cook "her and my grandfather" ? Y'all cajuns have a different diet than us on the left coast Big Grin

.... but, the pot of beans sounds great!

Where in LA are you?
I found your bar in the internet. I lived in Big BR from 46-58.. not far from the bar.. I lived in a small community called Goodwood and attended grade school there and went on to BR Jr Hi and later CHS where I graduated. Small world.. moved to CA with my dad in 58 and been here since. I'm VERY close to having to return for my 50th HS reunion..

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