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was at the grocery store today and they had some huge sweet onions.

and thought that would be great with some meatloaf and potatoes with some mushroom gravy so this is what I set out to do first I needed to start the potatoes and I used my potatoe spikes ( they almost cut the time in half ) perf with a fork and moped with a butter. salt, garlic, pepper and basil mix.
and stuck in the smoker along with some garlic and shallots to smoke cook

next prep the onions cut in half and pull out to about three rings.

then spray a large muffin pan and set in the onion cups

and fill them up with your meatloaf mix.

speaking of meatloaf your can use your favorite mix. this is what I filled mine with.
hamburger, 15 / 85
Italian sausage
bell pepper
1 egg
roasted garlic cloves
Worchestersire sauce
salt, pepper
fine bread crumbs

now here is a pointer, when mixing mix only until the ingredients are incorporated, if you over mix, your loaf becomes dense and hard instead of light and airy that's why I hand mix instead of the mixer

stick them in the smoker at 275° for about 1 1/2 hrs or until 165°

now for the potatoes and gravy. the potatoes were sliced and cubed with the skin on (you can peal if you want ) and put in the blender then add the garlic, shallots, butter, salt, pepper, and cream until the right consistency

now the gravy. I used baby portabella mushrooms, garlic, shallots

and sauté in butter until the mushrooms turn soft and the garlic and shallots turn translucid

then add a 1 1/2 to 2 cups of beef gravy whether home made or bottled

plated up and had dinner.

I usually do bell peppers but these onions were yelling stuff me. also I left out the traditional ketchup because I was making a savory gravy and didn't want the meatballs to be to sweet with the addition of the sweet onions. easygoing
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I made the meal last night. I had a hard time coring the onions out. I put then in a muffin pan [non stick] and coated them with chipotly infused olive oil, baked in the oven for about 20 mins. [ made the house smell great!] then filled with a 50/50 mix of burger and Italian sausage, with mushrooms, garlic, diced onions, 1 egg, bbq rub, and worst. stuffed and into a pre heated FEC 500 at 276 for 1 1/2 hour....outstanding! the wife was very appreciative [wink]. lol.
Thanks for the great onion + meatloaf idea - looks wonderful!
When cutting the onions for the cups, did you cut from the onion's top to bottom ending with a 'right' & 'left' half, or cut horizontally thru onion's middle ending with a 'top' & 'bottom' half? It looks like you cut horizontally, but would that not leave holes in ends of the cups when the center rings are removed?
nodrog, yes they are cut horizontal when trimming the ends remove as little as needed and still peal the outside skin off then I have a pineapple corer that I shortened up and filed some teeth on the end and core down and lift out the pieces until I get where I needed, but you could use a apple corer and do the same thing just not as big of o core. but if you do end up with a hole, no big deal. the meat won't fall thru so you can leave it or take a piece of the leftovers trim it and lay it on the bottom to cover the hole. easy
Thanks for the info on how you made your cups.
When I tried your recipe a night before, I cut the onions top-to-bottom which made the inside rings easy to remove, but the onion cups then too small to stay upright in the large muffin tin holes. Used toothpicks stuck in the sides to keep them upright (sorta).

Your idea of these filled onion cups is great!! I got good reviews from the 4 people that tasted mine with 'approval' to make them again. Thanks to your post with nice pics and easy steps to follow, even I can look like decent cook to them. Smiler

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