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Getting prepared to smoke some jalapenos, cayenne, poblanos, and paprika. Using an FEC120, and also have a 9 rack dehydrator. Is someone able to help me take some of the guess work out of this, and avoid re inventing the smoked spice wheel for me? Times, temps? Smoke, or dehydrate first, or smoke after grinding? Thanks in advance!
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I can't help you with the smoking of these peppers. I can tell you from experience that putting bone dry jalapenos in a blender to grind up is NOT a good idea. You can't get your finger off the pulse button fast enough not to end up with a gray powder that will spread around the house at the lightest breeze. My wife and dogs were not pleased with me.
I Cut the fresh peppers in half - to help absorb smoke, and promote drying. put them on frogmats. Smoke for 4-6 hrs at 225.

then drop heat to 160-175 overnight to dry out
after they are completely dried..
grind in coffee grinder (that is dedicated to pepper grinding) -- i do the grinding outside- as the dust that escapes can be a bit overwhelming ......

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