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The challenge as far as I'm concerned is ensuring adequate air flow into the smoker from below, and out again at the top, i.e. probably no countertop above the smoker installation. Though some of the members have gotten pretty involved with exhaust piping/blowers and such.

Very little heat is transmitted through the insulated sides and rear, so I don't think that would be an issue.

I keep my stainless 55 beside my kitchen, not built in. I think it 'shows off' better. My kitchen is a little different though...I built it backwards from most. I stand behind the kitchen to access the grill, fridge, sink, burners, storage, etc. and face my guests rather than my back to them as I cook and prep.

My black 050 is at the side of the house...just for cooking.
Negatory... it sits next to my OUTDOOR kitchen.

I built my OUTDOOR kitchen in an "L" shape with the short leg of the L running into the edge of the yard and the long leg about 6 feet away from the fence and running parallel to it.

I work from the inside of the L, with my back to the fence, facing the yard and my guests. All the 'stuff' is mostly hidden from view of the guests. They stand/barstool sit along the length of the long portion of the L and can talk to me...sorta like talking with the bartender at a bar while he is working behind it. The sink is centered on the short portion of the L.

Works really well for parties.
Maybe too late for vs, but for anyone else contemplating it...I solved the ventilation problem by putting a capped vent hole, intended for putting an umbrella through the counter, directly over the vent on the top of the CS. I keep it capped when not in use, and for rainy periods, can lean something over the hole to protect it from direct rain. Also, make sure to leave sufficient clearance above the unit to get your arm in to reach the thermostat without squishing it against the top of the hot unit. Frowner

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