Well, I just did my second batch of ribs in the new Smokette, and they came out really nice and tender. One thing though, I used almost 3 ounces of wood, (the hickory that came with it)and I still think the smoke flavor could be more. If I use 4 ounces of wood next time, would I be better off using 1 larger piece, or several smaller ones?
Thanks in advance for the help and advice I know I'm going to be getting.
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Good Question.

Usually the problem people have is TOO much smoke.

Don't have enough? Here's my thoughts, I'm sure other have some too.

How much smoke is enough is entirely subjective, make sure you keep good logs.

Did you put the meat in the smoker at room temp? I believe (go ahead and disagree) that if you put the meat in cold, it takes it longer to rise to 141. That's the temp that some people believe is the point at which smoke no longer penetrates the item being smoked.

Try starting your smoker, letting it get to temp and when the smoke start billowing smoking and then put your meat it. You'll loose a little smoke, but don't take long with the door open.

Try some other woods to see if you have the same problem. It could be the wood your using. It gets old.

I like cherry and apple for my pork. You'll definitely taste the different flavor.

If what you're trying to do is generate more smoke, use smaller pieces, you'll expose more wood to the heat -- hence more smoke.

Hope it helps. Let me know about your next success.

Other than the flavor, did you like the CS and how it worked?

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