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So, color me impressed. I made the cover of the spring schedule of classes. Something that hasn't happened for a new instructor.

Made the top of the page... and NO I didn't pose for the cover.

The good news is that for each class I'll be updating the 101's, but nothing like attending the class and eating the food. Yup, food at all of them.


I'll be teaching in the spring, here's the list of classes. If you're in OKC or the area, come on down. But the classes are small, only 12 people and I'm told they haven't accounted the schedule but people are asking.

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Conrats and it is about time!

Barbara and I help Ribdog in a series of classes that have all sorts of different chefs every day.


The basic BBQ meats are always the most requested for repeat classes.

It should really be a special event in BBQ country with such a reknowned chef and author.

We give recipes from the meal,so it would be a great time to bring out your book?

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