I know smoking a turkey with stuffing inside is a no-no. But what about a Turkey Roulade? Can a turkey breast be deboned and then pounded flat, and finally rolled up with some sort of stuffing on the inside?

If it is not advisable to use raw stuffing, would precooked stuffing be a work around?

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Far be it from me to advise you on what you should do, but smoking is a low temp adventure. Even if you wrap raw turkey around a cooked stuffing, raw turkey juices go into the stuffing as it cooks. If the whole mass (turkey plus stuffing) doesn't get above 160 - 165 before you eat it...Well, I wouldn't eat it.

Thanks for the reply, Jay. I hadn’t thought about juices from the turkey migrating into the cooked stuffy. Too bad :-(

Another thought. What if the Turkey Roulade (stuffing rolled inside deboned turkey breast) was first cold smoked, and then baked off in the oven?

I am really hoping there is a way...



Never cold smoked turkey, but I do a mean cold smoked salmon. It is marinaded overnight in a 50/50 brown sugar/ soy sauce mix. Cold smoked an hour or so, then baked an a 350F oven for ~15 minutes. IMO. Outstanding.

I have done the same thing with steaks, but didn’t care for that near as much. Cheese, as you probably know is great!


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