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We're having a shop party next Friday and I was asked to smoke two briskets. I plan to pick up two that are between 10-11 pounds each. I usually cook only one at time by putting in the night before and like SmokinOkie says – "it's done when it's done" However, I'm met with a few challenges. 1) I work 20 miles from home so I don't want to have to come back and get them because they're not done. 2) I'm smoking two briskets instead of one 3) I leave for work at 6:30 a.m and the party isn't till noon.

Here's my plans let me know if I'm on the right track or should adjust:

Wednesday I will clean, rub, wrap, and throw in the fridge. Thursday afternoon I'll load the smoker (008) with about 8oz of mesquite and throw ˜em both in around 5pm and set at 225 (that gives me roughly 13.5 hrs to reach my 195 temp). Friday morning (once they reach the 195) I'll remove and double in heavy foil then place in a cooler.

Haven't done the cooler thing just read it here on the forum – will it keep ˜em nice and warm till noonish? Am I allotting enough time or should I start ˜em earlier?

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I set mine at 200 for all night, then 250 the next morning to finish usually about noon the next day.

I think 225 from about 4 or 5 PM to 6 AM should work. It will finish cooking in the foil/cooler and it will hold for 4 hours & be moist & tender & warm to carve/pull.

I did 3 one night & the drip pan overflowed, damn big mess.
I agree with GLH and coffeebluff - Go as low and slow as you possibly can. Let that fat render out and through the meat, don't rush it if you don't have to.

In my opinion, beef takes and holds smoke better than pork. I've never over-smoked a butt but have a brisket. Eight oz of Mesquite sounds like over-kill. Like coffeebluff said, cut Mesquite in half (at least) and combine with a milder wood like pecan or oak.

Brisket should stay nice and warm in a cooler for four hours.

Let us know how it works out.

Good luck!
Originally posted by Jammin_Jim:
Lol - nah, I like mesquite but don't love it.. Smiler I usually use around 3.5 to 4 oz for a single brisket. I've been through and through the archives and read that someone used 8. Good point, I'll drop it to 4 and throw in something else.

Jammin_Jim -- If you are satisfied with 3.5-4 oz of mesquite on one brisquet the same amount will suffice on two. Double the meat doesn't mean double the wood. Mesquite can get bitter fast if over-done. If you like brisket at 4 oz, bump it up a little. Doubling could be disappointing. Just my opinion. Do what you think is best. Remember, this is for a party Wink
Well there's been a change in plans, Sam's only had 13-14lbs briskets so I'll just be doing one instead of two. Going to try to get it in the smoker around 3:30 this afternoon and hopefully it'll be good to go by 6am. Even if it's not quiet to 190 - it should finish cooking while heavily wrapped in foil, and in a cooler with towels out of the dryer... right? (keeping in mind we won't be eating till noonish).

BTW - as far as wood - I plan to drop down to 3.5oz mesquite and 3oz of hickory. Sound about right?

Smoke on!

I kinda figured around that area. There's going to be between 45-60 folks, however, there's also going to chicken, brats, pulled pork, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc etc - So we should be okay. Most of the folks I work with have no idea what brisket is and most favored for chicken and pulled pork for the menu - I'm hoping to broaden their taste buds a bit.... Smiler

Smoke on!
Like GeiyserQ said,you are down to about 6.5 lbs cooked packer,which is about 25 ,four oz servings.

They try to get/hold that size for me,as that is what we use for comps.

Depending on how you trim it,you probably will have to bend up the tip.

At 225º in the Smokette,you are probably talking a good 70 mins/lb.

I'd try to push it to 195º internal.

Put enough newspaper in the cooler,and it will hold fine until lunch.

When you pull it from the cooker,wrap in plastic,with up to about a cup of beef broth/bbq sauce/coffee/wooster,as it will hold.

Wrap tight in foil.

Just a thought.
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