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Originally posted by Dave23:
what is a good herb to use in my snoke box while smoking 2 pork butts thankyou

Be careful with herbs and spices in the smoke box.
Sometimes, when burned and converted to smoke, the results, neither smell or taste like what you want. A Bitter and acrid taste are often the result
When smoking lamb I toss a couple of sprigs of fresh or dried rosemary in the woodbox. It smells wonderful and seems to add a mild rosemary flavor to the lamb.

Rosemary grows well at the lower elevations here, so it is easy to get. Friends give me clippings when they prune their bush and they have it in the landscaping at work. The lady who runs the building saw me clipping some from one of the bushes and came over to tell me that I didn't need to do that as they paid a landscaping service to trim things. :^)= I replied that I was going to cook with it. She got upset and said that they didn't spend all that money on landscaping just to provide me with fresh herbs. Plus she thought that it was gross. :^)=

The lamb tastes great though.
Stuart's a fan of Rosemary for when he does Prime Rib.

Me, I think it's more for aromatics that with rubs (spices, etc) that it's just not enough "smoke" to help give any flavor, so I don't put herbs in my smoker.

But, if you're doing a piece of meat, with little, no rub, it might be something for you.

I always say, try it and if you like it, then keep doing it.

Like Axel said, be careful about type and quantity, they don't all do great when exposed to heat.
I make a leg of lamb more or less according to the Alton Brown recipe "Silence of the Leg of Lamb". The recipe is available on the Food Network page:

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I smoke it with a mild wood and toss a couple of sprigs of rosemary in the woodbox. Ignore his directions for grilling.

The recipe uses the upper portion of the leg, usually called the sirloin. You can get a whole leg and bone it yourself, or have the butcher do it, or buy a boneless leg of lamb. If you buy the boneless leg of lamb, often they are held together with an elastic net. You can remove the net and reuse it. If not you will need to tie the leg back up with twine.

A paste of mustard, mint, garlic, oil, brown sugar, salt, and pepper is mixed up in a blender and then spread on the inside of boned lamb. The leg is then rolled up and tied and smoked at 250F until the roast hits 135 to 140 F.

My family loves this and one daughter proclaims it to be the best meat she has ever tasted. If you can find fresh USA lamb, that is best, but even the frozen imported stuff is pretty good fixed this way.

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