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I tried the recipe for BBQ beans only thing I did different was that I added 1 pound of "smoked" chuck roast that I had left over from my first smoke. It was a huge hit with 10 others that I fed.

Smokin Okies Smoked BBQ Beans

2 large cans of beans
3/4 cup brown sugar
5 large pieces of pepper bacon
3/4 cup syrup
1/4 cup onion
1/2 cup homemade BBQ sauce

My addition
1 Lb of Smoked beef

Very good ....

Thanks smokinokie...

P.S. I even found the #10 Van De Kamps Smiler
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I make my beans similar, but add regular yellow mustard, it gives them a slight tang that I like. I use thick slice bacon, Lee and Perrins, garlic, ONLY BUSH's original baked bean and I always use the lid to drain the liquid out of the can. I add other stuff, pretty much the same things and smoke them with hickory or a mix w/ misquite for about 3 hours in my off-set log burner. I stir the beans about every 30 minutes to get the smoky flavor mixed all!! they turn out great!!!

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