sorry guy's, blame it on a newbie trying to navigate the board.
i actually responded to my "first post" and didn't mean to. i never read the manual on my smoker because i was just taught how to use it at work. cut to the that i have the unit safe and sound with me at home, i asked the great folks here to tell me more about my model. he immediatley sent me an owners manual which says NOT to wet the wood chips...only use dry! I've always soaked them first. would love your feedback
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Yep,wettin' 'em down is a good way to drown them.Not much chance of them catching fire,but you can get a soggy smolder.

First y,ou are asking a bunch of questions.

Why are you using wood chips?

Are you trying to get lots of instant smoke for cold smoking,or a real fast shellfish smoke?

Maybe shavings would work?

If you are cooking,you should be using chunks,unsoaked.

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