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AT THE ROYAL, the BBQ Mecca of KC, Fast Eddie has unveiled the new FE Grill.

The hopper side supports a grill directly over the fire pot for searing, The smoke rises to the insulated top Pushing down from pressure cooking the meat From the top down,.

A digital thermometer has 5 deg increments controls the temp from 170 to 600 degrees

Price targeted for around 1000 dollars and will be Available near Jan 1
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Well, the secret is officially out!

While we still are in R&D, we do have most of the details ironed out.

The grills are being built here in Ponca City, but they will not be "Cookshack" grills. These grills are "Fast Eddy's Grills". Eddy has been in Ponca City a lot the past few months overseeing the development and production of the grill and has been very hands-on with the project, and they are his.

On the size of the grills: on the direct side, the grill will be 10" wide by 18" long. On the indirect side, the grill will be 18" wide x 18" long. Grill heights will not be adjustable, but the grills digital controller will allow the user to control the temperature of the grill to such a degree that the grills should not need to be adjusted. There may be a second level grill available. There is no rotisserie for the grill at this time.

We plan on having a full manufacturing roll out for the grills beginning January 1.

If you would like to be put on a list to be emailed when more information becomes available, please email Tracina at with "Pellet Grill" in the subject line.

Thank you,
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