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Hi Folks, I just got a Cookshack Smokette Elite and am beginning to learn how to use it.
I thought I'd kick off participation here on the forum by sharing a recipe for salmon.
Nothing exotic but the salmon is wonderful.
Soak the cedar plank of course.
Marinade your salmon in Soyaki a Soy sauce/teriyaki sauce sold by Trader Joes Markets. Maybe other places also carry it, but any teriyaki sauce should do.
Place on plank, rub with John Henry Maple Sugar rub.
I cook it on my Weber gas grill at a medium temp for twenty to twenty-five minutes. Don't touch it. lift off and serve.
It's bone simple and the salmon is wonderful. We have served this many times to guests to impress them and they are duly impressed. Some actually believe I can cook.
Most of the time, we partner with asparagus which we wrap in foil with smoke flavored olive oil and herbs of your choice. We use dried shallots, sometimes Thai spice mix we get from BBQ Galore.
I drop the greens on the grill half way through the fish cook.
You can check out for the smoke flavored olive oil.

That's it. Your basic recipe for people who hate fish.
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We use to do ceder plank salmon all the time, and it is very good. However, we haven't done it in over 2 years. That's when we got the Cookshack Elite. You may still do it, but we use the ceder plank to add smoke flavor which the Cookshack has done very well. It would be interesting to see how you approach it now that you've got your new smoker.
Well, I have a laundry list of things I will make in the smoker. Salmon is one along with cheeses and a ham.
It won't hurt my feelings to skip the cedar plank and I now have some apple and cherry wood along with the hickory which may be better suited to salmon.
Last time I got a half ham from Honeybaked, it was $45 and I had to stand in line. That's over. I am going to learn how to make a better glazed ham.

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