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Today I bought a 16+lb. whole rib eye roast at Costco, brought it home and cut it in half. One half is for tomorrow's smoke. The other half is for another smoke about 1 week away. For that next week's smoke piece of meat, I mopped it with some paper towels to get rid of most of the blood, then double wrapped it in plastic wrap, and then vacuum sealed it. It is now sitting in a 35* (& below) refrigerator.

My question is how long can this sit in that refrigerator and still be good? I've read many posts here about 'wet aging' for 30-40 days, but those have always said to keep the meat in the original intact cryovac bag. The sell-by date is 3 days from now. I have no idea of it's kill date.
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You'll be fine for a week.

The reason behind keeping it in the original cryovac is because it was a sterile muscle going into a sterile cryovac, meaning there is no chance of bacteria being in there.

In a perfect world, if everything you done was bacteria free, you are in the same conditions, but your facility,food bag,knife,etc. probably isn't a perfect world.
In general I try to avoid freezing meat as I feel the thawed piece then becomes a little dryer and less flavorful from the freeze/thaw process so not as good as a fresh cut of meat. But I do agree a frozen/thawed piece of meat is much better than a having one get spoiled!

I know there is very good wisdom available here and I appreciate all the comments. Just curious as to how long I could keep it in refr and have it still be good. By re-vacuum sealing I was trying to get the piece of meat back into a similar 'original packaging' form, but from what I'm hearing, once the original cryovac 'factory seal' is broken, it's broken and there is no fixing it. Then the time clock for spoilage greatly speeds-up, unless it is frozen.

P.S. to Smokin, Your "low & slow, then blast-it" method for prime rib as given in your Prime Rib 101 works great on the rib eye roasts I buy - thanks!! That's the only way to smoke it.
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