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Hi, everyone. Due to the overwhelming response to our last cooking class (which left us with a hefty waiting list), we have decided to hold a spring Fast Eddy's Cooking class, rather than making everyone wait until December.

The class will be taught by Fast Eddy and Paul Schatte, and costs $200.00 to attend. The date of the class is Saturday, April 21st, and I am now taking registrations for it. This is the same class that 3 of the current World Champions have attended.

Click here for full details on the class. The class is already half full, so if you want in, call me (Cayley) at 1-800-423-0698 to register today!

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This is a great class. I have a great time and learned a lot. Paul and Eddy do a great job. Its not only fun, but very interesting. Its great to have two very different cooks presenting style and technique. This class is great for pellets and stick burners. You do not want to miss out on this one.
Merl Whitebook
I have my reservations made and will be there. Looking forward to it. Have been grilling and smoking for 35+years for friends and family. I have the CS55 currently an looking forward to seeing the FE100 in action. Me and a few friends have been thinking about doing a few local competitions so this should be a great gateway.

What beats Q, boubon and a good cigar......

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