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Hi all... Been really busy with work and haven't had much time to read the forum...

So i've had 6 smokes on my 045 since i bought her... I've got apple, hickory, and mesquite wood... I've used apple for ribs; hickory for PB; and mes for brisket....

The last PB i did, i wanted to try something different... I used a chunk of hickory and a chunk of mes... The PB was very good, but i was expecting a stronger smoke taste because i used mes...

The first PB i smoked i used 2 chunks of hickory... i had thought mes was supposed to be a stronger smoke? All my wood has been purchased from CS.

I'm looking for some comments or maybe someone can set me straight as i'm planning on smoking a 15.6 lbs brisket this weekend and was thinking of using mes, but now i'm thinking i should use only hickory...
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Originally posted by cal:
What I like and what you like may be two different things...that is why Smokin' has ALWAYS encouraged us to smoke something and take good notes about what we liked or wanted to change for the next smoke.

Big pieces of meat will handle bitter smoke better then chicken, so go ahead and experiement.

Not to mention what you wind up with even if it isn't what you were hoping for will still be better than 95% of the Que you buy elsewhere, not to mention give you an excuse to try again. Smiler Jer
Thanks guys....

Pags - i have read through that chart as well, when i was trying to decide what woods i wanted to get from CS... It sounded like Mes was a stronger smoke, however in the past when i had left overs from a hickory smoke and placed them in a tuperware container, that container would have a strong smoke smell, even after repeated washes... When i smoked with the hickory and mes wood mixture, the left overs left the container with no smoke smell at all, and the meat even had less of a smoke taste.

I've been taking greate notes... i've got a 1 inch binder already filled after only 6 smokes... i'm OCD when it comes to taking notes... i even have pictures printed out and placed in the binder...

i'm just trying to decide now what to do tonight with my brisket.... i've done the last brisket with hickory and mes mixture... maybe all hickory smoke, OR all mes smoke...

what would you guys do in my position?

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