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I don't know if I can fit it all on here or if I have the pictures right but I will walk you through the whole process. first the ingredients

1 lb of ground sausage (what ever flavor you like I used country)
1 lb of reg. or thin slice bacon (make sure there are 14 slices)
1 lb of potatoes (I used O'Brien it has the peppers in it)
1/4 cup of onion
2 garlic cloves
enough olive oil to cook the ingredients in
fresh ground black pepper
chopped jalapeño peppers
shredded cheese what ever else you want to put in your potatoes

first sauté the onions and what ever other ingredients you like then the garlic last.
then add the potatoes [u]lightly[/u] salt,pepper to taste and cook until browned and done
set aside to cool (this is where if you are going to add cheese fold it in)now while it is cooling it is time to prep the sausage get a 1 gallon zip lock put the sausage in
then with a with a rolling pin roll it out out evenly in the bag put it in the refer to cool. now it is time for the bacon weave lay it out on parchment paper this is the procedure for half you do the same for the other side

put this in the refer on top of the sausage now it is time to prep the potato stuffing
you take the Cly. and add the potato mix a little at a time. then pack it down
until it is about a 8'' long

get the sausage out split the sides and flip the top over

then with the plunger press the potato log out onto the sausage

and roll up tucking in the ends like so now take it then set it diagonally and roll it up
tucking in the ends. it should look like this. then pepper and season to taste [u]NO SALT[/u]
now it is ready and time to prep smoker, and load the 'log'
cook/smoke at 140 for 1 hr and move it up to 250 for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs according to how you like you bacon
this is what it should look like on the out side
and the inside
you can serve it like a egg Mc muffin on a English Muffin or briskets and gravy like pictured
this can be done in the oven you just don't get the Smokey goodness just cook at 250 for about 2hrs. hint, give your bacon a stretch when laying it out, and when you get your bacon weave done and ready to roll take the rolling pin and roll/flatten the bacon and you will end up with a wider weave. I can't express enough about the SALT the bacon has it and the sausage has it so you would be way over salting if your seasoning( like Johnny's) has salt. so stick with herbs and pepper or a no salt seasoning. the recipe I have here is great for woman and small children but it can come alive with some chilies and some left over ham or brisket and some pepper jack cheese in the potatoes so go ahead and experiment and have fun. easeygoing
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EXCUSE ME, UGH HUM....women and children...we love it spicy in this house.

Great post. My first fattie attempt was a mess, but came out delicious cause we were running late on time and didn't wait for the filling to cool. That is really the key.

I need to try you technique with the bag, I have seen it done before, but your post had nice pics and clear instructions.

Originally posted by morningflyer:
Now I know how to weave bacon, great info thanks for sharing where did you get the cylinder. going to bookmark this page

Nice job! I got a fattie piston in the last sauce & rub exchange. There is info in that thread as well as @ fattiepiston on google on how to make or buy one.
thanx smokin they don't really take that much time to make with the wife frying the onions and the potatoes and me doing the weave and sausage we finish about the same time then cool the potatoes pack the stuffer roll and done counting the cooling time it takes less than an hr and you can have 2 ready to go. and they freeze nicely thats how we take them camping they just look like a lot of work. and left overs are great pan fried and served with an egg on a toasted english muffin. shawn
Just put 2 Fatties in my pg500. Followed the recipe but added the left over bacon and mozzarella cheese. I am smoking at 200 for 1 hour and then 300 until bacon is crispy.

After an hour.

After 2.5 hours.

Sliced. Looks great. Bacon was crispy.

I just want to thank easygoing for the "easygoing" tutorial. It was my inspiration to give this a try. I had to build a couple of pistons but that was a breeze. The weave was super easy and prep took just under an hour. Making two is definitely the way to go. Can't wait to try variations. Smoked cheddar would have been even better.
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