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Basically, my same technique. Loin backs...but the largest racks to date--3.25 lbs/rack. Removed the skin from the back, brushed with mustard, sprinkled with Lawry's Seasoned salt, and added a heavy coat of Big John Henry's Pecan Rub (gives the ribs a nice taste and a nice change from Williams Rib Tickler Rub).

I let the seasoned ribs sit out for just short of an hour. Threw them into a preheated 235* smoker with 2 nice chunks of hickory. Smoked for 3.5 hrs, pulled them when the toothpick test told they were just short of ready.

I then painted each rack with a glaze...4 parts Jack Daniels Number 7 Sauce, 1 part honey, and a few dabs of Tiger Sauce. If you can taste the heat you've added to much. Cool Ribdog. Normally use a good Memphis Sauce or Kinders Medium but tried something different this time. Threw them back into smoker for 30 minutes to set the glaze.

Let them cool for a few minutes then took an electric knife and sliced all 3 racks into individual ribs. Threw them into a large crock pot set to "warm". Then took them once again to my buddy's Super Bowl party...37 years and counting. Smiler

They are always very well liked and again went over especially well. "Delicious" "Best ever" "Frank. Did you try Pags ribs? They're to die for"

But I knew they'd go over well. They were great. Very meaty, flavorful, smoky, pull off the bone.

I haven't been on the forum much lately. But I'm still enjoying my Cookshack smoker and some of the best barbecue I've ever had.

All this solely from all the help I've gotten from Smokin and all the fine cooks and contributors from this forum. Thanks once again to all you great folks and smokers.
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