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Ric posted this in another thread, wanted to get your take.

Have a look at the link:

Originally posted by Ricg:
... The following website says 167* ( )

A HUGE pet peeve for me is posting temps like this. Why? Because no one publishes the same information and there are always mistakes and doneness goes along with tenderness and it's not a temp based answer.

I've been asked a lot for lists like this and I try to avoid them.

Q isn't an "exact" temp.

For me, he said slicing is 180 for brisket.

REALLY? It would be shoe leather for me at that temp. I'd say more like 190 to 195, but then I'd have to say it depends on the cow, the smoker, the size/shape of the brisket, etc, etc.

Sliced PB at 175, more like 185.

Chicken Thighs or quarters, I would say 175 to 180 for tenderness reasons.

Ribs at 172. Are you kidding?

See why I can't list one temp.
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Yep,it is difficult to know my finger temp,or my two tined meat fork temp when it feels right,and how it will feel after a hold of one hr,or six,if it was hot,or slow cooked.Also,when the foil opened to let it cool gradually,was it OK with 30mph wind and 30 *,or FL at 100* and 100% humidity.

I'd sure like to see that on a graph at 3AM in a rainstorm. Eeker

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