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Need help, bought half a beef from farmer, said it was corn fed a little. My mistake, very lean beef. My question is, can I use a brine to put flavor and juices back in my steaks,roast,and brisket or any other would suggestions be helpful. Have brisket laid out going to smoke tommorrow with smokette.
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I have been very partial to Dales Steak Seasoning, a liquid marinade I got from Walmart. I marinade in a 2 gal baggie (or whatever size is appropriate) for 24 hrs. Im doing a eye round now and the taste compliments the beef perfectly. And what can you lose? You said the meat was tasteless. Smiler Makes for some great experiments and experience. Which adds up to better tasting cooks when you Do find good beef.

Thanks Bob,
I will give it a try, I have had the smokette for a month and have had great results with the pork and beef ribs. I bought whole hog and had it butchered, it is the best, it weighed in at 325lbs and has just the right amount of the other whitemeat (fat). The beef on the other hand just dosn't have the taste of beef I have had in the past. The hamburger taste like turkeyburger and had it mixed 80/20. Just have to say Fat rules.
I'd have a talk with the farmer and tell him his beef is "tasteless"

Options, as has been stated.

1. Internal. I'd inject, not brine. About the only brine for beef is corning/pastrami

2. External. Marinade & Rub. Put it on heavy.

3. After slicing. Sprinkle a little salt/pepper/rub on the slices for some flavor.
Thanks again everyone,
Talked to meat locker today, found out some information today, my half of the beef came from a 1400lb bull, not steer. But I have always bought beef that were castorrated young. Don't know if it makes a differance, but I believe so. The good news is that I have a new farmer that I talked with today that corn feeds and no steroids, thanks to the locker. Like he said depends on what people want, I still say fat rules, and learn by your mistakes
Thanks jig,
This is what I am trying today, the brisket is my drip pan for my pork, loaded top rack with pork chops and pork steak, brisket is on middle rack. I may be wrong but what the heck, just took the pork off and the brisket looks good, still have few hours on brisket, let everyone know tomorrow. I used the smokeshack rub on brisket smells great. I am a newbe on smokin just trying to get advice, these forums are great. Happy New Year Everyone!
Some people say fat dripping will help, my theory is that it will help the outside of the meat with flavor, but that fat won't "soak" into the meat it's dripping on.

Nothing wrong, I certainly do it, but you'll still have to work on the inside with this method.

Look forward to your results.

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