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I’ve been using my PG1000 for several months now and absolutely love it.

I’m happy with the ability to change the pellet feed rate (I’ve been using HHT for this) to adjust for pellet brand and outside temperature to maintain my desired temperature.

Somewhere along the line I think I read a comment about allowing a lot of temperature swing to get a greater amount of smoke production.

Can anyone comment as to which might be best?


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I have been fooling around with this too on my PG500. I know we both smoke at high altitude so I thought I would chime in...

I was actually trying to reduce smoke on some 100% pecan pellets. I found adjusting LHT to 15 normalized swings a bit and also made sure at very low temps it stayed lit on overnight smokes. After a while I just put LHT back to 10 and made double sure it came to temp and normalized there for a while regardless of swing before I set final temp. I like the graph feature of the iGrill to track how the pit behaves. Current thinking is to leave at LHT at 10 and not worry about it. I would be interested in your findings.

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