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Whenever I am cooking for a smaller group for Thanksgiving, I have just been cooking the turkey breast for a while using a recipe that I got from Cook's Illustrated.  I have even figured out how to make a pretty good gravy without the pan drippings (you don't really get any when just cooking the breast).  With the original recipe, the brined turkey starts in a 425 oven for 30 minutes and finishes at 325.  Yesterday I still put in the 425 regular oven to start, but I finished in the Cookshack at 300 with some peach wood until target temp was hit.  It was a subtle smoke flavor using this approach, but it definitely improved the recipe.  I will be doing this going forward.



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Jay:  One thing that I do with my birds is prep them the day before, and then let them sit in the fridge uncovered overnight.  With big birds I run my hand under the skin and get the seasoning or compound butter under the skin.  This really gets the skin dry before the bird goes in the smoker.  I can get the skin crisp in the 066 but not a bite through crisp.  Some time in the oven at the end gets it to the bite through stage. 

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