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Just purchased a PG1000, but since I was previously using a SM045, I dont have an accurate thermometer or gauge. Id like to get one ordered ASAP to arrive before the PG1000 does this Friday.

Im strongly considering the thermoworks Pro BBQ kit. (New kit includes the TW8060 Thermocouple Alarm Thermometer, an MTC Mini Handheld Thermocouple Meter, a Fast Response Meat probe, an Armored Smokehouse Penetration probe (range to 660°F), and a High-Temp Flexible Ceramic Fiber-Insulated probe.) However, Im a bit worried the wires are too thick and will prevent the lid from closing entirely and cause temperature flucuations.

Im curious if anyone uses this kit, or something similar, or something entirely different? And how, if at all, the route it into the PG1000?

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Thanks, thats good to know. I guess I was thinking sometimes its nice to have independent verification of the temp, esp if Im wanting to know the temp of anything but zone 4? But yes, mainly Im looking for a meat therm. Im just worried any of the higher end, thicker therm wires (like the thermoworks) will prevent the lid from shutting completely?
Hey Nordy!
I have to admit, my last post was whether I should but the PG1000, and your response really helped sway me! Thanks my friend!

Ive heard mixed reviews of the Maverick. I had the older version, from 5-6 years ago when I had a WSM--Ive come a long way! Never had issues, but online reviews are really questionable. Although I guess the wireless with two toddlers running around gives me some freedom from the grill/smoker. Have you ever had issues? Just curious? Ever used/seen/heard of the Thermoworks? I may just add a thermapen for quickcooks on the PG1000 like steak or fish.

I guess I was asking about the Thermoworks because Im a sucker for cool tech. And the thermoworks look awesome, but sometimes I just need someone to talk me back from the ledge...

Thanks my friends!

Honestly now that you mention it... I like the range on the ET732 but I like the reliability of the older model ET73 better... I use the 73 or the iGrill if I use one now.

Don't worry about the wires under the lid... the lid isn't a tight seal anyway...

I have 3 thermopens and and IR thermometer from thermoworks. They are TOP NOTCH. HOWEVER... get a good remote thermometer... you want an alarm for overnight cooks... I cook a lot overnight and sleep well knowing the alarm will go off if I have some crazy rare fire out situation etc.

The igrill is cool because it graphs etc... but Id start with a dedicated remote thermometer with alarm... you don't have to trust your phone/ipad and if you leave the house you can call the wife or kids and get temp readings... Or you can get really nerdy and setup something like this Remote Temp Monitoring or this another way

So summary... I'd recommend a remote thermometer with alarm of some type... and a thermopen...
I also have an ET73 that the smoker probe finally quit this last weekend, but I'll replace it. Like Nordy, I prefer the iGrill.
Off the top of my head, I have about 7 of Thermoworks thermometers and have no complaints. Just don't let your probes get wet as water will ruin them.
Steaks and fish? Trust us, a Thermopen will become your bestest buddy when cooking anything Cool
If you will map out your zone temps a few times you'll have a feel for it and won't worry about a thermo. Approximate temps are close enough for most things.
Thanks for the great advice, just ordered the orange thermapem, for my texas longhorns and because Ive heard the orange is by far the fastest.... Smiler

Now I still need a remote therm, and Im leaning towards the Igrill because the graph feature seems way to awesome to pass up, but I worry about the reliablilty of the igrill probes. Any thoughts?

Ive also heard rumors of a Thermoworks wireless unit which I might just be waiting for...


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