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First tool...

Good notebook and keep good notes.

For tongs, it varies with the meat. For ribs you need a longer pair, for butts/brisket you need something with a wide mouth (I have a wide spatula).

I use, about 90% of the times a pair of rubber gloves with plastic gloves over them, so I can pick up just about anything.
Like Smokin said, a notebook & good notes every time you smoke is something that can't be stressed enough - it is so very valuable to one's success. I would also suggest you get temperature probes as many things are cooked to an internal meat temp, and not by a specific length of time. Get several temp probes to use when smoking multiple chunks of meat, or just have a spare one in case. Test them often to assure proper readings.
Read Smokin's 101's. Lots of great info & tips there.
If at all possible, I'd try to run the smoker for a short period of time before the weekend. We've all heard of an occasional wire being installed backwards that causes the smoker to not function correctly. If that would happen, CS could walk you through and help fix that problem during business hours, ya know, they don't work weekends...just a thought!
I get a lot of stuff on Amazon cause I have a Prime membership, but I do always compare prices. They seem to have pretty good prices. I have a pair of blue butterball gloves that work great for taking the meat right off of the grate and carry it inside to the cutting board without burning my hands. I can't help you with tongs, have had the same ones for a long time and don't know the name. Just a good solid pair of stainless steel.

I agree about the thermometers. At least two good ones with attached probes are important. Plus I have an instant read to check different spots when I open the doors.

Have fun!

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