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Anyone have any experience with a fec300 mounted inside a enclosed trailer and cooking while traveling?  I have a 24ft bbq concession/competition trailer and will be serving daily starting at 11am and festivals on the weekends.  Would like to know if I can travel with the smoker running.  Im pretty sure I can't run the rotisserie but is traveling while smoking possible?  


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There are a couple of issues you can encounter when using the unit while traveling. The first would be a drafting issue which can cause temp fluctuations and also cause the unit to go out. The second would be product and racks moving while traveling. This can cause you to dump product off the racks and if the rotisserie is running it can cause the racks to bind up causing major damage.

Makes perfect sense.  I pretty much knew the rotisserie couldn’t be used.  On the drafting part my trailer has a enclosed porch instead of open so when traveling the only thing hitting air would be the exhaust port going through the roof of the trailer.  I opted for full enclosure due to the horrible winter weather we have.  Could the air moving across the exhaust port cause much fluctuation in temp even though the rest of the smoker would be out of the wind?  

I don't think you can do it, there could be severe problems with the chimney. We once met a guy in Frankfurt at a festival before the pandemic who was selling food. We talked to him about how he and his van move around the country. He said that he doesn't use the equipment to cook food when driving because he's afraid the equipment will break down, and it costs a fortune. Generally, it was an exciting acquaintance. This guy was then 28 years old and had already been working in the field for 4 years. He then offered us to go with him, but we had 5 days before the end of the trip, and we wanted to go to Bremen. He bought us tickets on and even drove us to the station. I really want to meet him again in time for our trip to Germany in December.

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Well, it's a great unit. However, using it while traveling isn't that practical. As someone said above, there would be a drafting issue that can cause temp fluctuations. Because of that, you won't be able to cook usually. While the rotisserie is a dead number. There is no chance you'll be able to use it. A friend of mine took the FEC300 on a train trip! The situation was absurd. He woke up in the morning, checked the timetables from, and decided that he wanted to cook on his unit while being on a train trip.

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