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In a week or so, I’m expecting more Chicago company here in Northern California. Since they’ll be here for 2 weeks, I’m planning on smoking some items for them. In preparation I brushed up by reading the new Turkey 101 for the first time(read the old one previously). Read it like an intriguing fiction novel--start to finish and couldn't put it down.

Just wanted to let you know that I think you did an outstanding job on it. Very thorough. Very complete. Very informative. Well done.

Glad you decided to help guys like me become better cooks than we ever imagined possible. The neat thing is it will only get better from here.

I was going to send you a personal message to say thanks once again for all your efforts and for making this forum so successful, but I decided to let everyone see it instead.
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I'll second the THANKS to Smokin'. It seems like he is also getting better with time? Or maybe he is really understanding that us newbies have to use KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) method, so he like us, has learned something from this forum.

Could be though he is getting a start on thanksgiving. Whatever the reason Thanks again Smokin'.

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