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The chemicals. Aren't best for stainless and you need to get ANY residue off the surface because you food will come in contact with the sides. Washing the residue off with water is risky as the water can damage some parts. I rarely cleaned mine. Just a plastic scrapper to clean the walls and replaced the foil frequently.
We sort of got off topic.

A plastic under bed storage box works well. I use one to store my grates.

As far as cleaning the grates, after rinsing I put them in my oven @ 500* for fifteen minutes then turn it off and let it cool. If you put up damp nickel plated grates, they will be rust covered grates the next time you go to use them. Wink
Great Idea Andy with the Cement Tub.

Part of my remodel in my basement included a 24x24 SS deepsink with sprayer. But for the first two years here, it was difficult cleaning my FEC racks outside.

I sometimes use the PROFORCE fryer/grill cleaner at Sams.

By the way, If you do decide to install a Big SS deepsink in the Basement, beware that you honey-do list gets a little longer when it's time to clean pots and pans. Smiler
I checked out the Cement mixing tubs from both HD and Lowe's and both are too small to fit my grate. I actually brought the HD one home and the grate rests on one of the sides. The Lowe's isn't any larger. I looked at the under-bed storage units at Lowe's and they were too narrow and very long. I will do some digging at the container store with a tape measure.

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