OK - I've done a lot of looking at creative solutions on the forum to all weather smoking ie rain and snow. This topic is very important to me as it seems the weather here in Sunny SD has been anything but this summer. Ever present Thunderstorms complete with drenchers and high winds and winter coming with high winds and kizz ur a@@ cold blows.

My set up will be an AmeriQue that will roll out on the drive when smoking which will hopefully be often.

Question #1 I realize "the cover" addresses the need when not in use, but with much apparent demand why hasn't CS capitalized on the "all weather cover" demand while IN use? Seems a like a no brainer money maker if they came out with a simple factory made all weather solution.

If someone is spending the kinda jing on a CS an accessory that protects the investment while in use seems an easy addon for sales.

Question #2) Anybody ever done anything with a plexiglass fabrication? Since it would be done at home I'm picturing a lightweight framing holding together a box without a bottom that just sets over the top with air holes on the sides for air circulation. Maybe there's a problem with the smoke discoloring and it ending up being a brown box over the top but just curious.

It seems the perfect solution would be easily removable by you not by wind and transparent to see the readout.

Yes I realize the shrinkwrap and elbo is a very cheap and easy resolution...but doesn't it have issue with 35+MPH winds buffeting it? I don't want to lay in bed listening to the rain power washing my window wondering if my wrap is holding?

Yes the ideas of plywood with bricks and other original homemade weather IN use covers make simple sense...but I want my CS sittn proud and lookn as good as it smells.

I know i know....It's about the product...and I can live with that and whatever it takes I'll figure out what works for me and share... but just thinking.

It comes down too wanting a few things in the weather smoking cover: Simple, Effective, Attractive.
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I'm one of them that believes a man must do what a man must do to have quality smoked food in any weather. I'd be interested in seeing what ya come up with and how it works.

I've done some smoking in cold, windy, rainy, snowy weather. Thats not gonna stop me from using my cs020, but please show us some pictures when ya get up and running, because we all are always looking for something a little nicer than a piece of plywood and bricks or at least I am.

As far as it getting ugly and dirty, hey BBQ isn't for the petite, pretty type. I just try to do the best at cleaning as I can and hope I don't catch to much grief from the better half,oh well!

Good luck!
Roger that Cal - I'll keep you posted if inspiration strikes.

The more I thought about it I'm guessing the reason CS doesn't offer anything isn't because they haven't thought of it. Rather they don't want to get sued for sending someone out in the rain with an electrical appliance... an unfortunate sign of the times.
Have owned the AmeriQue for several years now and the cover CookShack sells for inclement weather is worth it. I keep mine covered when not in use.

As for as an all weather situation, build a small shed and make sure it is vented.

I have used my AQ in some pretty bad thunderstorms that have popped up on the spur of the moment, works just fine!
We don't get the smow, but for the last 2 week it has been 100* plus with 105-115 heat index!!

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.
I think CS doesn't make it because it's not something that's needed very often.

I've cooked for years, outside in the rain and have little/no rain impact the vent hole (or even the controls).

If you think it's a good idea, I'd email them or call them, as they don't routinely monitor the forum for suggestions/improvements, they'd rather hear from owners directly.

For winter, the cover won't help much because the issue will be every time you open the door you'll lose a LOT of heat.

But I say go for it if you feel the need.
All great comments. thank you.

So from what I gather don't get freaked out about moisture affecting the controls and make a rig set up as personal as the BBQ your cranking out.

I was initially thinking along the lines of rolling out on the driveway since that is what I've done in the past with my other grills.... but seeing all the cool ideas on the "show us your setup" topic I'm starting to rethink.

It appears relatively simple to come up with a relatively inexpensive "outdoor" cooking area that can protect from the elements. I've got a walk out ranch and a lower level patio underneath the deck just begging for a redneck BBQ set up. I could even incorporate it all together to protect the other grills moving them out of the garage to a knew Redneck Haven.

I'm picturing some budget friendly corrugated steel roofing panels around some framing underneath the deck steps. I'm thinking the look of the corrugated steel screams BBQ. (not sure the wife will share my vision...but since she doesn't cook she can't say too much how I want my kitchen to look right?)

From other postings I'll also call in some favors from electrician friends for some lighting.

I can't wait to lay it out.

I like that idea better, make a bigger better place for BBQ, and of course make it bigger so you can add more when you want

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